Face Painting Gallery


Face painting is a terrific way to entertain guests at children’s parties or any type of festive event. It’s especially popular for 1st Birthday Parties when your family and friends come to celebrate that very special event! Face Painting By Trudy has a large portfolio of face painting designs to choose from for both girls and boys. There is a wide selection of photos to choose from and they all have glitter which the girls just love!


Face Painting is terrific entertainment for boy’s birthday parties in FL. Boys have a great imagination and love pretending to be a pirate or a tiger. Action figures, soccer balls, spider webs, skulls, sharks, snakes, knights, dragons – Face Painting by Trudy offers it all.

Cheek and Arm

“Cheek Art” is a wonderful option when you are expecting a large number of guests. Cheek Art face painting designs are lovely and colorful but are smaller and quicker to paint than “Full Face” designs. Perfect for large groups or for guests that want just a small design. “Cheek Art” designs can be painted on the cheek, arm, leg or shoulder. Adults frequently want to get in on the fun, too. After all, they are big kids at heart!

Party Photos

Come with me to see a “live” party. These are actual pictures taken at parties just like yours. Be assured that all services provided at your party will be done by me personally. The designs on this website were painted exclusively by me (many of them on me!) and are representative of the high degree of artistry you will get at your own event.

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